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MIST Council

Up until the 2007 Spring MIST meeting a single MIST coordinator was responsible for co-ordinating MIST. However, it was felt that the increased needs of the community could not be well served by a single individual and so it was agreed at the MIST business meeting that a new council be formed to organise MIST activities. It is hoped that the council will help to raise the visibility and impact of MIST science. The 1st MIST council was elected by the community (estimated 30% turnout with 75 returns) on 18 June 2007.

  • 2nd MIST Council: 2008-current; MIST meetings 102-current

Current members of MIST council are:

    • Mike Hapgood, RAL ( - chair
    • Betty Lanchester, Southampton (
    • Gary Abel, BAS (
    • Gabrielle Provan, Leicester (
    • Andrew Kavanagh, Lancaster (

These individuals will serve on MIST council for terms as outlined within the MIST charter.

The MIST community is grateful for the efforts of past MIST co-ordinators and council members:

  • 1970-1983 MIST meetings 1-28 P. C. Kendall
  • 1970-1988 MIST meetings 1-42 H. Rishbeth
  • 1988-1995 MIST meetings 43-60 M. Lester
  • 1995-2005 MIST meetings 61-98 A. J.Smith
  • 2005-2007 MIST meetings 99-101 N. F. Arnold
  • 2007-2008 MIST meetings 102-103 C. S. Arridge

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