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Satellite Experiments Simultaneous with Antarctic Measurements (SESAME) is one of the four ground-based programmes within the NASA/ISAS Global Geospace Science (GGS) mission, itself part of the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISTP) programme.

The scientific objectives of SESAME are carefully selected to make an invaluable contribution to the GGS mission by capitalising on the unique geophysical advantages of Antarctica for geospace research.

The experimental programme is centred at Halley (76 S, 27 W) but also utilises automatic geophysical observatories located poleward of Halley.

The data products will be supplied as key parameters to the GGS experimenters on a routine basis.

Please click on the hotlinks for more information on each point. If you have any further queries about SESAME please contact J. R. Dudeney.

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