Links to other Ground-Based Programmes

It will be very important for the overall success of GGS to involve other ground-based programmes in collaborative efforts. Because of their locations, several programmes are particularly important for SESAME. In the southern hemisphere, South Pole station stands out as an extremely important site which is very well instrumented (imaging riometer, all-sky imagers, FPI, magnetometers, VLF receivers).

This site has the unique advantage of providing observations of the dark cusp for several months each year. In association with the South Pole facilities, the USA plans to deploy six unmanned observatories to provide a spatially-coordinated network. These facilities, taken together with plans for unmanned stations, and the currently manned sites, will provide an array of instrumentation which gives almost 24-hour coverage of the whole of the southern polar cap and cusp. In the northern hemisphere, the Greenland chain of instruments, the MACCS array, Sondrestrom Incoherent Scatter Radar, and part of SuperDARN provide an excellent research facilities, the conjugate projections of which lie within or close to the SHARE fields-of-view.

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