Ducted whistler-mode waves; interactions with geospace plasma
Ducted whistler-mode waves;
interactions with geospace plasma

This project is concerned to investigate quantitatively the properties of ducted whistler-mode signals in the Earth's magnetosphere, the nature of ducting, the spatial distribution of different classes of natural whistler-mode waves (e.g. hiss, chorus) in the vicinity and polewards of Halley (both inside and outside the plasmasphere) and the generation regions and mechanisms. A systematic statistical survey of ELF/VLF wave activity at and polewards of Halley, and "imaging" of the down-coming wave energy using azimuth, polarisation data and propagation models, will be carried out as a basis for the project.

The role of ducted waves versus nonducted waves in processes such as linear and nonlinear wave amplification, wave-particle interactions and wave-induced particle precipitation will be studied. We aim to study the interplay between ducted and nonducted waves and coupling of wave energy into, out of, and between ducts.

Observations of natural and transmitted VLF signals will be used as a diagnostic for remote sensing of the structures and motions in geospace of the plasma in which the ducts are embedded; an example is determining the response of the plasmasphere to magnetic storms.

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