VLF Receivers
VLF Receivers

Location: Halley, A80, A81, A84


The ELF/VLF receiving systems are designed to monitor, record and measure, as comprehensively as possible, the electromagnetic spectrum in the ELF (0.3-3.0 kHz) and VLF (3-30 kHz) frequency bands. Most of the waves received have interacted with parts of the geospace system, and from their detailed study we can learn much about the physical processes which take place there. Antarctica is an excellent site for this purpose. In most developed parts of the Earth, pollution of the ELF/VLF spectrum by industrial processes, and particularly by radiation at harmonics of the 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequency used in electrical power engineering, makes sensitive ELF/VLF radio observations very difficult.

The system at Halley consists of a number of subsystems.

A reduced system in used on the AGOs

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