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Note: This site is in the process of conversion to an archive of the initial phase of the TSUNAMI intiative.

At the present time, (Spring 2002) the initiative is being relaunched as a separate entity, the RISK Group. For details, please contact either:

The TSUNAMI Initiative
TSUNAMI's aim was to assist the competitiveness of the UK insurance industry by using the UK science effort to improve the assessment of risk. The Initiative was jointly funded by the Insurance Division of the Treasury and a consortium of composite insurers, brokers and Lloyd's managing agencies. Government support was from the Sector Challenge of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Between 1997 and 2001, TSUNAMI organised and managed a number of research projects aimed at providing the insurance industry with technical information relevant to their business.
The initial tranche of projects are now complete and this website forms an archive of the TSUNAMI initiative.

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