URSI XXVI General Assembly, Toronto 1999

Session H3: Pitch Angle Scattering and Acceleration of Trapped
Particles by Waves in the Magnetosphere

Friday 20 August 1999, Room 3154 in the Medical Sciences building


Chairman: J Lemaire

08:30 H3.1  Inan U.S., M.P. Johnson and D.S. Lauben, Precipitation
            of Radiation Belt Electrons by Oblique Whistlers

08:50 H3.2  Walt M., Wave Interactions with Geomagnetically Trapped

09:10 H3.3  Rodger C.J., M.A. Clilverd, A.J. Smith and K.H. Yearby,
            Magnetospheric Line Radiation Observations at Halley,

09:30 H3.4  Darrouzet F., M. Walt, U.S. Inan, M. Parrot,
            M.K. Hudson, A.J. Smith, B. Tsurutani and J.F. Lemaire,
            A Survey of Wave Data Sets Collected in the

09:50 H3.5  Albert J.M., Coherent Cyclotron Resonance Effects in
            the Radiation Belts

10:10 - 10:30 Break

Chairman: U S Inan

10:30 H3.6  Smith A.J., M.B. Grieve, M.A. Clilverd and C.J. Rodger,
            A Quantitative Estimate of the Mean Annual Ducted
            Whistler Power Propagating within the Field of View of
            the VLF receiver at Halley, Antarctica

10:50 H3.7  Summers D. and C.-Y. Ma, Generation of Magnetospheric
            'Killer Electrons' by Wave Particle Interactions

11:10 H3.8  Zhang Y., Matsumoto H. and Kojima H., On Global Activity
            of Whistler Mode Waves in Geospace

11:30       Close

POSTERS: 19 August 1999, 16:30 - 19:00, McLennan Physics Building 1st floor

    H3.P.1  Demekhov A.G., D.L. Pasmanik and V. Yu. Trakhtengerts,
            Lifetime of the Ring Current Ions due to Collective and
            Pair Processes

    H3.P.2  Pasmanik D.L., V. Yu. Trakhtengerts and A.G. Demekhov,
            Features of Localized Energetic Particle Precipitation
            in the Vicinity of the Plasmapause.

(3 August 1999)

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