May 28th LTP Data
May 28th 1996, LTP Data
  This plot summarizes the Halley SuperDARN radar data for the event period. It shows the data for the meridional beam (beam 8) plotted as a time series. The top panel is the backscattered power, the middle panel the line of sight Doppler velocity and the bottom panel the line of sight Doppler spectral width, all as a function of geomagnetic latitude. The POLAR perigee pass occurred from 2330UT on 28 May until 0000UT on 29 May. Points to note from this summary:

  1. there is a distinct step in spectral width as a function of latitude for each sounding with low spectral widths at low latitudes. Our initial interpretation is that the between the two spectral width regimes marks the boundary between the cps and bps.

  2. Note the sudden step poleward of the "bps" at around 0330UT with a subsequent poleward motion of the "cps". This motion appears to be associated with changes in IMF
PACE Scatter boundary

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