Space Weather Event: Jan 10 - 12, 1997

Event Type 'Space Weather'

Event Description

At the ISTP Science Workshop of Jan 7-9, 1997, during a session to foster correlative studies between the solar and magnetospheric elements of ISTP, the SOHO/LASCO team showed a movie of the 6-7 Jan C2/C3 coronal sequence, because it was an excellent illustration of a 'halo' event. There was little doubt that a line-of-sight CME had occurred and the general opinion was that a significant "space weather" event could be expected on 10 January. In the event a major storm did occur which, inter alia, appears to have caused the loss of the AT&T Telstar 401 satellite which was broadcasting a number of major US TV channels at the time. Full details of the event from birth on the sun to consequences at the Earth can be found at

This page summarises the response of the ionosphere over Antarctica as seen from Halley Research Station by the SESAME instumentation suite.

Time Start 10 Jan 00:00, Time End 11 Jan 23:59

GRASP Data for this event

Event contact: John R Dudeney
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