The Proposed AGO Network.

It is proposed to deploy a network of four AGOs under the fields-of-view of the SHARE radars (see Table).

Site Latitude Longitude Deployment Date
A7777.5 S23.4 W1992
A8080.7 S20.4 W1995
A8181.5 S3.0 E1996
A7878.0 S3.0 E1997

The network is designed to provide both latitude and Magnetic Local Time coverage (>1 h), and be complementary to the US AGO network. The BAS manned stations and the AGOs will provide important data from the trough region, through the auroral oval and into the polar cap at all local times under both quiet and disturbed geomagnetic conditions. When AGO data are combined with those from SHARE and the instruments at Halley, it should be possible to identify the equatorward boundary of the oval throughout the day and the poleward boundary for most of the day. The network will be deployed and supported by BAS aircraft.

Two AGOs, powered by a wind generator and solar panels, were deployed in January 1992. The AGO at Halley acts as a system and instrument test-bed, the other (A77) is sited at 77.5 S 23.4 W, where it has completed two years of unattended operation.

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