BAS UASD WAVE Programme, scientific motivation
Scientific motivation

  • Waves play an important, though imperfectly understood, role in the overall behaviour of geospace
  • They carry energy and information between widely-separated regions, and may interact strongly with the plasma through which they pass.
  • Wave-particle and wave-wave interactions lead to a variety of phenomena such as plasma heating, particle acceleration, particle precipitation into the ionosphere, anomalous resistivity, etc.
  • Wave studies are required for understanding the behaviour of geospace as a complete coupled system of particles, waves, fields and plasmas.
  • In particular, we need the ability to predict the impact of geospace processes on man's activities.
  • Conversely, the effect of man on his near-space environment includes the consequences of wave radiation from artificial sources such as power lines and radio transmitters on the natural balance of geospace.

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