BAS UASD TIMA Programme: Features
TIMA: Features of the Programme

Primary objectives of the TIMA programme include research into:

  • Energy dissipation in the mesosphere from the upward propagation of tides and planetary waves, including the QBO;
  • The effects of geomagnetic activity on mesospheric and thermospheric dynamics;
  • Long-term variations in the lower thermosphere and ionosphere as indicators of global change;
  • The cause of marked differences between the northern and southern hemisphere mesospheric wind fields, wave activity and turbulence;
  • Changes in HF radio wave reflectivity at mesospheric altitudes linked to dynamics of the underlying atmosphere;
  • Small-scale spatial characteristics of charged particle precipitation injected into the lower ionosphere from the magnetosphere in the vicinity of plasmapause and from sub-auroral latitudes into the polar cap;
  • The effects of Pc1 micropulsations on radio waves reflected from the ionosphere;
  • The relationships between ionospheric irregularities, breaking waves, scintillation boundaries and the mid-latitude F-region trough;
  • The refinement of peer global numerical models through examining the reasons for timedependent discrepancies between those models and observations.

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