BAS UASD Theory and Modelling: V1D1
The V1D1 Program

The V1D1 code is a plasma simulation code which solves Vlasov's equation with Maxwell's equations. It is not a particle code. It treats the plasma as a fluid in phase space (x and v) and thus retains all the velocity space information that is thrown away in Fluid/MHD codes. It has been developed at the British Antarctic Survey by Richard Horne and Mervyn Freeman for 1 dimension in velocity space and 1 dimension in real space (hence V1D1). It is still under development.

The code has new features :

  1. It solves the Vlasov equation with Ampere's law (not Poisson's eqn.).
  2. It uses MacCormack's method for time integration. This has proven to be very stable.
  3. It has very low noise.

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