BAS UASD SMITE Programme, The ionospheric signature of the cusp
The ionospheric signature of the cusp

In collaboration with various USA colleagues, BAS staff have identified the HF radar signature of ionospheric cusp. It is a region where the backscatter signals show Doppler spectral width values in excess of 200 m/s; typical spectral width values are less that 150 m/s. This conclusion has been verified using energetic particle data from the DMSP satellites.

Excellent correspondence between the HF radar signature of the cusp and the optical signature of the cusp has also been demonstrated, the latter being where the intensity of the 630 nm emission is high yet that of 427.8nm emission is low.

Studies are currently underway to compare the pc1/2 pulsation signature of the cusp with that of the HF radar utilising magnetometer data from South Pole station.

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