M I S T   E L E C T R O N I C    N E W S L E T T E R

No. 7                                         15 September 2003

Dear Colleagues,

The main purpose of this Newsletter is to remind you about three
MIST meetings which will be happening in London between now and
Christmas. There are specialised RAS/G-MIST Discussion meetings
in October and December, and the regular Autumn MIST meeting in
November. I realise that having the meetings close together in
successive months may cause difficulties for some, but
nevertheless I hope you will be able to attend.


This year's autumn MIST meeting in London will be on Friday 28th
November at the Geological Society Lecture Room, Burlington
House, Piccadilly, beginning at 10.30 am (coffee will be
available in the Geological Society library from 10.00 am). A
sandwich lunch (for a small charge) and afternoon tea will also
be provided. Contributions are invited on all MIST topics. The
abstract deadline is 10th November, and the programme will be
published shortly after that date. For the first time there is a
webform for submitting your abstract, which may be found at:
Please let me know if you have any difficulty with using this.
The lecture room must be vacated by 5.30 pm, but proceedings
usually continue informally over a pint at the "Walkers of St
James" pub in Duke Street (across Piccadilly from Burlington
House). Many thanks to the Royal Astronomical Society for
supporting our meetings.

RAS/G-MIST Discussion meeting; 10th October 2003

This meeting will be on the subject of: "Identifying the
open-closed field line boundary in magnetospheric and ionospheric
data sets" and is being organised by Gareth Chisham and Gary Abel
of BAS and Steve Milan of Leicester. It will be held in the
Society of Antiquaries Lecture Theatre, Burlington House,
beginning at 10.30am. There are a number of invited speakers
including two from overseas. The deadline for submission of
contributed abstracts has now passed, and the programme for the
meeting will be published soon. More details may be found at:

At the RAS Ordinary meeting which follows the Discussion meeting
at 4pm in the Geological Society Lecture Theatre, Burlington
House, one of the leaders of our field Professor Yohsuke Kamide
(Director of the Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Japan)
will be presented with the Gold Medal of the RAS and will give a
talk on "Specifications of Space Weather". RAS Ordinary meetings
are open to all with free admission. See also the item below on
the RAS awards.

RAS/G-MIST Discussion meeting; 12th December 2003

This meeting on "Twenty-two Years of EISCAT" is in memory of the
late Phil Williams; it is being organised by Alan Aylward of UCL
and Eleri Pryce of Aberystwyth. It will be held in the Society of
Antiquaries Lecture Theatre, Burlington House, beginning at
10.30am. More details will be available nearer the time.

Registration fees at RAS Discussion Group meetings.

From now on there will be modest Registration fees for non RAS
members attending RAS Discussion Group meetings (10; 5 for
students). This makes joining the RAS even better value. More
details may be found on the RAS website www.ras.org.uk/html
There will be no fees for the Autumn MIST meeting, which at least
for the present remains free to all.


Since the last Newsletter, the 2003 spring MIST meeting ("Soarly
MIST") has been held at Leicester. Many thanks to Mark Lester and his
colleagues for organising this very successful meeting, and to
Neil Arnold for writing the meeting report which appeared in the
June 2003 issue of "Astronomy & Geophysics" (and is also
available on the MIST website). If you don't receive this journal
(free to members of the Royal Astronomical Society) every two
months, you should consider joining the Society which is the
independent learned society representing MIST science, and is the
professional body for MIST scientists. There are reduced fees for
students, new members, young members, and retired members.
Details on the RAS website www.ras.org.uk/

Alternate spring MIST meetings are held jointly with the UK Solar
Physics Community, and the 2004 MIST/UKSP 'Auld Reekie' meeting
will be held in Edinburgh, 30 March - 2 April 2004. The meeting
will be hosted at the University of Edinburgh by the British
Geological Survey; local organiser Alan Thomson (awpt@bgs.ac.uk).
The local organiser for the Solar side will be Lyndsay Fletcher
(lyndsay@astro.gla.ac.uk) of the University of Glasgow. More
details will be published in due course on the website:


This will be on Friday 26 November 2004 at Burlington House. More
details nearer the time.

RAS Awards.

Each year the Royal Astronomical Society makes a number of awards
(including the prestigious Gold Medal) to scientists in the
fields of Astronomy and Geophysics (which in this context
includes MIST). This year there are new awards: The Fowler awards
which are aimed at scientists in the earlier part of their
careers (~10 years from starting a PhD), and the RAS Award for
Service to Astronomy and Geophysics. Nominations close on 31
October, so if you wish to nominate anyone, please look at the
details given on the RAS website.

MIST Website and Mailing List

The MIST website continues to be at www.mist.ac.uk/ 
It contains information about future meetings, reports of past
ones, links to research groups, the MIST email directory, and
other relevant information. There are currently 260 on the MIST
mailing list. Posting guidelines, plus instructions on how to
subscribe to the list, may be found at

I will look forward to seeing you at one of more of the
forthcoming meetings.

Best wishes,

                        Andy Smith, MIST Coordinator
Dr A.J. Smith,                   
British Antarctic Survey,        Phone: +44-1223-221544
Madingley Road,                  Fax:   +44-1223-221226
Cambridge CB3 0ET, UK.           Email: A.J.Smith@bas.ac.uk

MIST Home page: http://www.mist.ac.uk/

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