M I S T   E L E C T R O N I C    N E W S L E T T E R

No. 6                                               24 May 2002

Dear Colleagues,

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'Auld Reekie' MIST/UKSP; Edinburgh, 30 March - 2 April 2004

Following the first joint meeting of the MIST and UK Solar
Physics communities, in Sheffield last month, there was a feeling
in both that this was valuable and should be repeated. The close
relationship between the two areas of Solar System science, and
the several issues of common interest, were generally thought to
make such joint meetings worthwhile. Following some debate about
whether such meetings should be held in alternate years or every
three years, the former was decided upon, and the Edinburgh
Spring MIST meeting, already planned for 2004, was expanded to
become the second joint MIST/UKSP. The meeting will be hosted at
the University of Edinburgh by the British Geological Survey;
local organiser Toby Clark (toby.clark@bgs.ac.uk). Many thanks to
Toby for rearranging the bookings. The local organiser for the
Solar side will be Lyndsay Fletcher (lyndsay@astro.gla.ac.uk) of 
the University of Glasgow. It is planned that the meeting will
run from Tuesday 30 March to lunchtime Friday 2 April 2004. This
is a day longer than has been traditional for MIST meetings, to
allow time for joint/plenary sessions which are envisaged in
addition to parallel and poster sessions. The extra time should
also help to ensure that MIST presentations do not have to be
quite as brief as the 12 minutes per talk allocated at Sheffield.
Accommodation will be available on the night of Monday 29 March
for those who want it. More details will be published in due


This year's autumn MIST meeting in London will be on Friday 22nd
November at the Geological Society Lecture Room, Burlington
House, Piccadilly, beginning at 10.30 am (coffee will be
available in the Geological Society library from 10.00 am). A
sandwich lunch (for a small charge) and afternoon tea will also
be provided. The abstract deadline is 4th November, and the
programme will be published shortly after that date. If you wish
to contribute, please send me your abstract in electronic form by
the deadline, not forgetting to include the title, and all the
authors with their affiliations, indicating which one will be
presenting. If you have any special requirements, other than a
standard overhead projector, and/or Powerpoint laptop/projector,
please specify this. The lecture room must be vacated by 5.30 pm,
but proceedings usually continue informally over a pint at the
"Walkers of St James" pub in Duke Street (across Piccadilly from
Burlington House). Many thanks to the Royal Astronomical Society
for supporting our meetings.


Since the last Newsletter, the Steel MIST/UKSP meeting held at
Sheffield has come and gone. Many thanks to Roy Moffett and his
colleagues for organising this very successful meeting, and to
Neil Arnold, Graham Bailey and Robertus Erdelyi for writing the
meeting report which should appear in the June 2002 issue of
"Astronomy & Geophysics" (and is also available on the MIST
website). If you don't receive this journal (free to members of
the Royal Astronomical Society) every two months, you should
consider joining the Society which is the independent learned
society representing MIST science, and is the professional body
for MIST scientists. MIST people currently on the RAS Council are
Sandra Chapman, Michele Dougherty, Mike Hapgood and Andy Smith.
There are reduced fees for students, new members, young members,
and retired members; also, reduced registration fees were
available for RAS members at the Sheffield meeting. Further
information is on the RAS website: http://www.ras.org.uk/

The Spring 2003 MIST meeting will be held at the University of
Leicester, 14-16th April ("Soarly MIST"). More details will be
available in due course. For 2004, see details above regarding
the Auld Reekie MIST/UKSP spring meeting.


This will be on Friday 28 November 2003 at Burlington House. More
details nearer the time.

MIST Website: new Internet address

As from 21 May 2002, the MIST web pages are at a new Internet
domain: mist.ac.uk 
The URL of the MIST home page is now: http://www.mist.ac.uk/ 
This should be more mnemonic than the old one and also more
readily transportable in the event of the pages being hosted at a
different institution in the future. Please update your
Bookmarks, Favourites, and any hyperlinks to MIST on your web
pages. The old URL should continue to work for a while. If you
encounter any problems using the new pages, please let me know. A
page recently added to the website was "MIST Portraits" (linked
from the home page). With one or two notable exceptions, everyone
seems to be smiling. Perhaps this shows what an enjoyable pursuit
MIST science is!


MIST people are listed in the MIST email directory:
Any additions or amendments should be sent to me, and if you
would like to have a link to a personal home page from your entry
in the directory, then please sent me the details. New
subscribers to the MIST mailing list are added to the directory
unless they request to the contrary.


In conjunction with the Internet domain change described above,
the address for sending messages to the MIST mailing list has
changed to mist@mist.ac.uk
For further information, including how to subscribe and
unsubscribe, and what kind of messages are acceptable, please
see: http://www.mist.ac.uk/misteml.html
The list is a moderated one. In order to filter out junk and
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delay so please be patient.

See you in November?

Best wishes,

                        Andy Smith, MIST Coordinator
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