RAS "G/MIST" discussion meeting
12 February 1999

Geological Society Lecture Theatre, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

The Mesosphere/Lower-Thermosphere Region

Organisers: Dr N.J. Mitchell (Aberystwyth) and Dr M.A. Clilverd (BAS)


The mesosphere/lower-thermosphere is a key region in the coupling between the middle and upper atmospheres. A number of UK groups are now active in observational and modelling studies of the MLT region. The meeting will consist of invited papers reviewing recent work undertaken in this field and will discuss future scientific objectives.


Registration and Coffee (served in the Library)

Morning session - Chairman: Dr Mark Clilverd (BAS)

Dr N.J. Mitchell (University of Wales, Aberystwyth) EISCAT and meteor-radar observations of gravity, planetary and tidal waves and wave-wave interactions in the MLT-region
Dr. W.A. Norton (University of Oxford) Dynamical modelling of the mean structure, planetary waves, tides, and wave-wave interactions of the mesosphere
Dr M.J. Jarvis (British Antarctic Survey) Seasonal changes in the Antarctic mesopause region as observed by rockets and radars

Lunch (available in the Library)

Afternoon session - Chairman: Dr Nick Mitchell (Aberystwyth)

Dr. I.C.F. Muller-Wodarg (University College London) Advances in the use of the CTIM/CTIP type models for investigating the morphology of the energetics and dynamics of mesosphere-thermosphere coupling
Dr. N. Arnold (University of Leicester) Modelling the contribution of the thermosphere in amplifying solar/climate variability
Dr. M.J. Taylor (University of Utah) CCD imaging of gravity waves and sprites in the mesosphere
Tea at Savile Row

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