The Royal Astronomical Society
December 10 1999
in the
The G Discussion Meeting

Convenors Professor Peter Cargill (ICSTM) and Dr Mike Hapgood (RAL)

There is no registration charge for this meeting.

The influence of the Sun on near-Earth space is now becoming understood. This meeting will address the impact that space weather has on technical systems on the ground and in space, and review methods for forecasting the onset of potentially harmful space weather.

10.00 a.m.	Registration, Coffee and Posters

Morning Session

Chair: Professor Peter Cargill (ICSTM) 


10.30 a.m.	Dr Mike Hapgood (RAL):


10.35 a.m.	Professor Clive Dyer (DERA/Farnborough):

		"Effects of space weather on spacecraft and aircraft"

11.00 p.m.	Dr. Andrew Coates (MSSL):

		"Space weather and the Insurance industry"

11.20 a.m.	Dr Eamonn Daly (ESTEC):

		"Space Weather Effects - A View from Space Engineering "

11.50 a.m.	Professor Paul Cannon (DERA/Malvern):

		"Effects of space weather on radio systems"

12.20 p.m.	Dr. Toby Clark (BGS):	

		"Effects of Space Weather on Power Transmission in the UK"

12.40 p.m.	Dr Emma Taylor (MMS):

		"Effect of space weather on orbital debris."


(A simple lunch will be available for purchase  in the Lower Library of the 

Geological Society)

Afternoon Session

Chair: Dr. Mike Hapgood (RAL)


2.00 p.m.	Professor Peter Cargill (ICSTM):

		"Introduction to forecasting space weather"

2.05 p.m.	Dr Richard Harrison (RAL):

		"Space Weather Forecasting: Coronal mass ejection prediction"

2.35 p.m.	Dr. Nick Francis (DERA/MALVERN):     

		"An ionospheric forecasting demonstrator based around a 
                 novel nonlinear technique capable of using broken time series."

2.55 p.m.	Dr. Lili Cander (RAL):

		"RAL short-term ionospheric forecasting of foF2, 
                 MUF(3000)F2 and TEC over Europe"

3.10 p.m.	Dr. Paul Murdin (BNSC):

		"Where 'space weather' fits in BSNC's space policy."

3.30 p.m.	TEA at Savile Row 

Poster Session

Posters will be available for viewing from 10-10:30, during lunch, and
after the end of the meeting. The following is the list of posters:

O. Boaghe, M. Balikhin, S. Billings, H. Alleyne (Sheffield)
"Identification of nonlinear processes in the dynamics of magnetosphere 
 and forecasting of Dst index" 

P. Drezet, M. Balikhin (Sheffield), R. Harrison (RAL)
"Forecasting of Dst by kernel methods "

A. Aylward (UCL)
"CTIP modelling used in 'nowcasting' of ionospheric and thermospheric 
 responses to solar wind transients"

R. Horne and M. Freeman (BAS)
"Spacecraft anomalies and the relationship to magnetic storms " 

F. Sedgemore-Schulthess and R. Clauer (Michigan)
"The comprehensive space environment model (CSEM)" 

R. Iles (MSSL)
"Relativistic electron flux enhancements associated with magnetic storms" 

A. Glover (MSSL)
"The Onset and Association of CMEs with 'Sigmoidal' Active Region Evolution" 

M P Freeman, N W Watkins, D M Riley (BAS)
"Evidence for a solar wind origin of the power law burst lifetime 
 distribution of the AE indices: SOC in the solar wind ?" 

R.A. Mathie and I.R. Mann (York)
"Evidence of a connection between enhanced relativistic MeV electron fluxes
 and storm-time Pc5 ULF pulsation power in the magnetosphere" 

M. Ziebart (UEL)
"Analytical Solar Radiation Pressure Model for GLONASS: 
 Algorithm and Initial Results" 

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