PSD 2 pm Talks 2002-2003
PSD 2pm Talks 2002-2003

Date Name

September 24th Eric Donovan
October 28th Slava Pilipenko
November 28th Mike Pinnock
January 9th Gary Abel
January 16th Gareth Chisham
January 30th Richard Horne
February 13th Mervyn Freeman
February 20th Giota Petkaki
February 27th Ulf Hoppe
March 6th Iain Coleman
April 2nd EGS Run-throughs
April 3rd Clare Watt
May 7th Yuri Yampolsky
May 15th Mai Lam

The programme will be subject to change due to other commitments.

Confirmation by poster on the UASD noticeboard a few days prior to the event.

If you are unable to give your talk at the allotted time then either try to swap with a neighbouring speaker and notify Nick Watkins of the change or ask Nick to arrange an alternative date.

Please notify Nick Watkins if you would like to invite a guest speaker.

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