Mapping and Geographic Information Centre (MAGIC)

Staff of the BAS Mapping and Geographic Information Centre (MAGIC) provide an in-house geographic information and mapping support service to BAS staff. New maps are compiled to meet the needs of BAS scientific and operational programmes and topographic surveys and air-photography sorties are undertaken in Antarctica as required by mapping projects. Image analysis and photogrammetric techniques are developed by staff to utilise remotely sensed data for map compilation anddifferent methodologies are applied during the production of BAS thematic maps, mostly in the geoscientific BAS GEOMAP Series.

MAGIC staff participated in the preparation of the international Antarctic Digital Database (ADD), a collaborative international project. This first digital topographic database of Antarctica, published on CD-ROM in 1993 under the auspices of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), was a milestone in Antarctic mapping. It provides the common framework to which multidisciplinary datasets can be referred for GIS applications, facilitating retrieval and evaluation of all data, particularly for monitoring environmental changes in Antarctica. The ADD will evolve to meet the geographical data needs of the international Antarctic scientific community and of programme managers.

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