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Ozone at Vernadsky/Faraday and Halley

This page gives information about ozone at Halley and Vernadsky/Faraday stations.

Background and related material

  • Stratospheric Ozone and the Ozone Hole
  • The official BAS press release of 1 August 1995 Antarctic ozone hole still deepening.
  • some links to other ozone info.
  • Somewhat related is the subject of nacreous clouds, a display of which was visible from the UK on 18 February 1996. We have made a short page with explanation and pictures.

    Ozone bulletins

    We have available the BAS ozone bulletins. These contain the actual ozone values reported together with an analysis of the situation.

    Ozone graphed

    For those who prefer to look at pictures rather than draw their own, we have a page of Temperature and Ozone graphs for Halley and Vernadsky/Faraday.


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