Metdb help for: Output format

Four (no, Five!) options are available for the output format:
  1. Html (tables) - output suitable for looking at with any modern browser.
  2. Html (no tables) - includes pretty header etc, but no tables - should work with any browser
  3. Text - suitable if you wish to save the results for input into some other program or if you just like simplicity
  4. Graph - uses to produce GIF output. Use of this option is now easier than before and you probably can just use it.
    1. Only select one or two quantities to be output (in addition to the obtime, which is always selected).
    2. Make sure the thing you have selected isn't text! And don't allow nulls.
    3. The date format picture will now be modified for you into a suitable form: blanks will be stripped and "Mon"'s will be converted into "MM"'s.
    4. If you choose "graph", certain restrictions apply to the output format for the date: only the following will work:
          ddd hh         -> ddd+hh/24
          yyyy mm        -> yyyy+mm/12
          yyyy ddd       -> yyyy+ddd/365
          yyyy ddd hh    -> yyyy+ddd/365+hh/365/24
          yyyy mm dd hh  -> yyyy+(ddd+hh/24)/365, ddd=dd+D0[$m]
      Perhaps confusingly, the dates pictures are recognised by their *length*, so that if you ask for mmddhh (which has length 6) it will interpret this as yyyymm. Sorry about this - its just life.
  5. Graph2 (this option under developement August 2001 and may not yet be publicly available): plots the lat-lon track of something (ship; buoy; whatever) on top of a basemap.

Is that clear?