Metdb help for: idmask

The id mask is used to pre-screen the selection of which id is wanted from the table.

At the next stage, "any" is always an option, (i.e. not screening by id). It is also possible to directly enter a definite id at the next stage.

If a definite id is entered, e.g. 89062, then that is used as the default at the next step.

If an indefinite id is entered, e.g. 89... (which matches Antarctic land station id's, i.e. any five characters the first 2 of whcih are 89) then the table will be searched to produce a pick-list of stations to select.

Sadly, searching the table for id's is slow if the table is large, and can delay the form by up to 15 seconds. So, if a definite id is entered the table is not searched and you are not warned if the id is not present.