Metlog Comprehensible User Interface

This page is an attempt at a more comprehensible interface to our online Oracle archive. If you cannot get what you want via this page, you may need to use the Full Interface. This page tends to be slow to access the database... this is partly because our database machine is old and wrinkly, and partly because the tables used here are rather large.

Surface (land or ship) Data [SYNOP]

The last report from each land or ship is available. We also have a clickable-map interface to land manned and AWS stations.

Recent (from the present back to the start of the current year) surface data is available from the table GTS_PERL_SYNOP (selected to Antarctic stations) or GTS_PERL_SYNOP (all stations). This link will take some time (20-30 seconds, without including netlag) to come up, because it will search the table for all possible station ID's. If you know which station you want and it is on the list below, it may be quicker to select a link from one of the options below.

Jump straight to data retreival

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at most records

Data selection

Use this if you want to modify the default data selection (different dates, data items, averaging, etc).

Earlier Data

Earlier data is available by year:

1988 1989 1990
1991 1992 1993
1994 1995 1996