The International Snow and Ice Commission is convening a symposium, Glaciers of the Southern Hemisphere, to highlight the programs and results of studies on alpine glaciers and ice caps in the Southern Hemisphere including the tropics. The theme of the symposium is glacier response to a changing climate. We encourage submission of papers addressing the topics of mass balance, hydrology, hazards, global sea level, tidewater glaciers, and climate. Site specific and regional studies are of interest. We also welcome papers that provide a long-term perspective of glacier change based on glacial geologic studies and modeling efforts. A proceedings volume will be produced based on the papers submitted at the time of the meeting.

Authors are encouraged to submit their abstracts by e-mail or by the World Wide Web. At the web site, one can find information about the assembly, provide notice of intention to attend, and submit an abstract. The site location is:

The symposium is sponsored by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences and the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences. The symposium is part of a joint IAMAS/IAPSO Assembly taking place in Melbourne, Australia on 1-9 July, 1997. The Glaciers of the Southern Hemisphere Symposium will take place for 1-2 days during the Assembly period. This glacier symposium compliments the International Glaciological Society symposium during the following week in Hobart, Australia (14-18 July, 1997) entitled, International Symposium on Antarctica and Global Climate Change.

To submit abstracts via e-mail or postal mail, to receive a main announcement, and to give notice of intention to attend, without using the web, contact

The identification code for our symposium is JMPH 18.

If you plan on attending, please let me know.


Andrew G. Fountain

Organizing Committee for the Symposium on Glaciers of the Southern Hemisphere

Dr. Andrew G. Fountain (Chairman)
Department of Geology               
Portland State University              Ph:   503-725-3022, 503-287-3515   
Portland, OR  97207-0751               Fax:  503-725-3025 

Dr. Georg Kaser
Institut fur Geographie
Innrain 52                             Ph: (43) 512-507-5407
A-6020 Innsbruck                       Fx: (43) 512 507-2895

Dr. Juan Carlos Leiva
IANIGLA                                Ph: (54)61-287-370
CC330                                  Fx: (54)61-287-370  5500

Dr. Andrew Ruddell
Antarctic Cooperative Research Centre
GPO Box 252c                           Ph: (61) 02 20 7118
Hobart 7001, Tasmania                  Fx: (61) 02 20 2902
Dr. Stephen C. Porter
Quaternary Research Center
Box 351360                             Ph: (1) 206-543-1166
University of Washington               Fx: (1) 206-543-3836
Seattle, WA 98195            

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