The International Glaciological Society will hold an international symposium in Kiruna, Sweden, 17-20 August 1998, on

Glaciers and the Glaciated Landscape

Symposium Organisation: S. Ommanney (Secretary General, International Glaciological Society)

Local Organising Committe: Per Holmlund, Peter Jansson, Johan Kleman


The following topics will be open for discussion:

	- Ice-covered landscapes
	- Interpretation of glaciated landscapes
	- Creation, reshaping and survival of subglacial forms
	- Spatial and temporal variations in thermal regime
	- Controls of wet base/cold base flow regimes
	- Ice-substrate interaction

Sessions will be held on three full days and one half-day. A half-day excursion will be arranged during the meeting. There will be ample opportunity for poster displays, which are encouraged.

Post-symposium Tour (21-23 August)

A three-day post-symposium tour by bus is planned which will cover an area from the Norwegian coast to the interior of Sweden. More details will be given in the second circular.

Day 1. Kiruna-Abisko-Narvik-Skjomen. The landscape on the Swedish side is low relief and rich in sediments. A stop will be organized at Karkevagge, which boasts the clearest lake in Sweden and a very rich boulder field, deposited during the last ice age. The Norwegian side is high relief (fiord landscape) and polished by ice.

Day 2. Skjomen-Abisko-Kiruna. Visit to the Royal Academy of Sciences Research Station at Abisko and Kaisepakte, a mountain rich in landforms.

Day 3. Kiruna-Lainiobagen. A tour towards the east to study the complicated network of landforms of disputable age.

Pre-symposium Excursion (16 August)

A one day pre-symposium excursion will be available for a smaller number of participants on a first come - first serve basis. The tour includes a helicopter flight around the Kebnekaise mountain, landing on Storglaciaren, and a short hike down to the Tarfala Research Station (TRS) where lunch will be served. TRS will be open to visitors from August 14-26. Food and lodging is free of charge (limit 30 persons/night, also first come - first serve), access by foot (25 km). The feasability of this excursion is highly dependent on the weather.


Details will be given in the second circular. Kiruna has everything from camping facilities to high quality hotels within walking distance of the meeting.


Papers from the Symposium will be published by the Society in the Annals of Glaciology. All papers (including poster papers) will be refereed and edited according to the Society's usual standards before being accepted for publication.

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