BEDMAP Ice Thickness Data Search

Sponsored by:
European Ice Sheet Modelling Initiative
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

The BEDMAP database is the most comprehensive compilation of ice thickness measurements made over Antarctica. The database includes over 2.5 million observations of ice thickness collected on over 100 separate expeditions conducted by 12 countries since 1951. The distribution of observations is shown on the coverage map. This search facility provides a publicly available search facility to the many publicly available data sets archived in the database.

All data sets are referenced by MISSION_ID. A full description of each MISSION plus a location map is available in the Metadata Search page. Several (generally more recent) data sets have restricted access. Please see the metadata descriptions to check the availability of particular data sets.

Define your search area by drawing a rectangle on the map.

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Date Range:
Min. Year Max. Year
Data Type
Airborne RES Ground based RES
Seismic reflection Gravimetric measurements
Ice Core
Navigation and Ice Thickness
Ice Thickness only
Mission ID Surface Elevation
Latitude Water Column Thickness
Longitude Bed Elevation
Ice Thickness

Note: Search may take up to several minutes depending on the search area size. We advise breaking large search areas up into several segments. Data are output to an ascii delimited file.

Note: Null value for ice thickness, surface elevation, water column and bed_elevation is denoted by -9999.

For further information please contact David Vaughan. Pages last updated: 04 February 2000